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Off to a Flying Start

Hi everyone,

Yesterday was my first competition of the year and one that I was very pleased with. Although it was far from a serious race I took it quite seriously and managed to come in first overall! It’s the first time I’ve won anything outright since I began endurance training about five years ago and it felt good to be atop the podium again (even though there was no podium to climb up onto!)

The race was the local Lifetime Indoor Triathlon and involved a 10 minute swim, 10 minute transition, 30 minute spin cycle, 5 minute transition and 20 minute treadmill run. I started at a very relaxing 10am, which was a welcome change from the early mornings typically associated with outdoor triathlons.

My swim leg went very well. Once the whistle blew I went out a pretty solid pace, but one I felt I could sustain. A lot of swimmers were neck and neck with me for the first two laps, but it wasn’t long before the pace eased off and I was able to take the lead. After ten minutes I had completed 25 laps, which put me atop the leaderboard.

After changing in the locker room I looked up at the clock and saw it had only taken me 2 minutes the change. Wow that was fast I thought! So I took my time getting to the spin cycle studio for the next leg. Unfortunately it never occurred to me that it would have been superhuman for me to get changed that quick and the clock in the locker room was actually off by about five minutes! The bike leg began just after I walked into the spin studio, so I had to quickly jump on and get up to speed. I had trouble clipping into the bike and my shoe came flying off the pedal a couple of times, but I gave it everything I had so as to not lose my position. I managed to keep the damage to a minimum and remained among the leaders.

Heading into the run leg I felt pretty good and intended to establish a pretty quick pace for the first ten minutes and then increase my speed for the second half. However, once things got started I glared across to my friend Lester’s treadmill and saw he had it juiced up to 10.8 mph! I didn’t think he could maintain that pace (he’s fast, but he’s not Mo Farah!), but also didn’t want him to get too far ahead so I dialled mine up a 10.5 mph, a little faster than I had planned. Soon I realised Lester had accidentally turned his treadmill up too far by mistake and had settled the pace back down, but I felt good so I didn’t bother easing off. Well for the first ten minutes anyway…

After ten minutes I started feelingĀ nauseousĀ and began to regret my sudden change in race tactics. Ever so slightly I eased off the pace only to find the nauseous feeling just wouldn’t go away. Over the next eight minutes I kept slowing the pace until I got down the 9.3 mph, but I still felt miserable. However, I hung in there and in the final two minutes I increased my speed back up to 10 mph. When time was called I just wanted to collapse!

However, the effort was not completely in vain. I managed to cover 3.33 miles, which gave me the best run of the day and enough points to take first place overall for the day. (See final results here)

One of the biggest highlights of the day was having my support crew (Brynn and Benjamin) there to cheer me on. Brynn was only able to come to one of my races last year because of her illness, so it was great to have her and our little man there.

My new number 1 supporter

My new number 1 supporter

My legs are in a lot of pain today, which is probably mostly because I’m not used to using a spin cycle, which had me pedaling at something crazy like 130 rpm. However, it was a great workout and a nice little confidence booster as the more serious races approach. Besides, I’m sure the pain I’m feeling is nothing compared to what I’ll feel after Lake Placid in July!